Thursday, May 24, 2018

is there no regret? - contrapuntal poetry

                                                                                                      Author Khunkay
Image: Looking for a Group Solution (here)

set in motion                                      tendency of a tell all
what is the hurry                                why to be in such fury
is there no regret                                from the expected fall-out
revelation galore                                not to provoke
but really?                                          isn't there something missing?

the conscience is clear                        so why the bother
it is just among the family                    can be brushed off easily

mindful of the consequences               if it is to be retracted
as long as it is not material                  as long as it is not complicated
the impact is not long lasting               to live with it is acceptable
some secured tact will help                 relationships balanced with loving care
a short route to repair                         perhaps beneficial to the learning curve
to be exposed early in life                   on needs to be prepared
that on looking back                           it is not a bad experience after all
a silly mistake perhaps

Paul at dVerse's MTB  -  contrapuntal poetry


  1. Sometimes silly mistakes may seem more serious than they are.

  2. "It is just among the family, so why the bother.." Things not deal with within the family so often destroy the family. This is good for thought. Like the two, as two, and as one.

  3. "some secured tact will help
    relationships balanced with loving care"
    Separately and together these are wise words.

  4. Another great poem Hank, why do mistakes we make seem worse than they really are. I guess it's human nature.


  5. This is a complex one, Hank. Well done on sustaining the idea!

  6. I think mistakes come easily when life is complex

  7. Neat form indeed. Mistakes come many a time, sometimes the bigger aren't and sometimes the smaller are bigger.

  8. "some secured tact will help relationships balanced with loving care"... love the hidden wisdom in these lines 💜

  9. This is a very interesting all three "melody lines" - especially when one considers the title. A tell all society / family --- a learning experience --- or not? Protecting, but how far? You pose many interesting questions within least questions that come to my mind. And that....I the mark of a good poet. Writing that makes one think....invites one to connect with take it further into oneself.
    I enjoyed this....and of course, love the image!

  10. I don't know that I can count myself among those that proclaim, "No regrets!" Surely regrets linger to reinforce making better decisions today and tomorrow. If we've gone off our paths, regrets are harsh reminders of where we are and where we ought to be.

  11. Things are easier to brush off in families ( i hope!)....well done. I enjoyed all 3 readings:)

  12. That would be my answer. "A silly mistake perhaps."

  13. Interesting ideas - and how we can often get overly dramatic in the moment, or callous and cold, and miscalculations and mistakes are par for the course - unless deliberately cruelly used as entrapment. But then, the idea of love - is subtly introduced - and I suppose the best course is, to keep moving forward. As for whether anything is learned and gleaned? well, that is often to be determined. Interesting way this reads, as 2 then 1 whole.

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