Sunday, May 13, 2018

beating around is a technique of deception

                                                                                                  Author PumpkinSky
Image: Secured in Soft Colors (here)

the given 12 words:
game streak simple rattle
sheen (shine or cause to shine softly)
beam beat seams list string still fasten  

it is a game with a streak of delusion
appearing simple but they are not rattled
though a beaming sheen on faces of innocents
much concerned of the impending battle

beating around is a technique of deception
knocking off confidence at the seams likely
a listing ship is easier all the more convenient
string of repressions imposed incessantly

big brother image is still tactfully extended
greed the push factor that will readily fasten
onto the weak minds of those targeted
reduced to hordes of the forsaken

Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle #351
willow's at PU's Real Toad's -  tuesday platform


  1. I see the words also suggested a game to you.
    Well wordled!

  2. oh yes, this does seem "innocent" upon the words listed and the casual glance, until you recognize the real-life violence, and this isn't a screen game - real people shed blood, tears, and there are no "do-overs" in death ....

  3. Thanks for linking this write to Monday WRites 154

    much love...

  4. Got them in, Hank. I liked the extension of the "big brother image" for the benefit of the greedy. Do any if our "leaders" leave office and not be richer than when they took office?

  5. The greed sure wins out as the sheep just blindly follow

  6. Oh yes... indeed the world is filled with deception... Bull-shitting it can also be called I think

  7. So many would rather follow than lead.
    Sorry, not sure how I missed this on Sunday.

  8. An apt look at the political situation, Hank.

  9. You solved the word challenge like a poetry crossword puzzle!

  10. Ugh, no kidding, forsaken for sure.