Tuesday, May 15, 2018

revelation of untold Midnight Poisoned surroundings

                                                                                                  Author Ian Norman
Image:  Happiness is Elusive (here)

16 of 18 given words: Perfumes Category
insolence obsession reveal untold Midnight Poison 
ambush beautiful White Linen Red Doom allure Romantica 
My Sin  diamond opium English Leather taboo 

insolence of an obsession crazed being
revelation of untold Midnight Poison feelings

to get away but preempted by ambushed leanings
put paid to beautiful thoughts of White Linen longings

but happiness is an elusive Red Doom to an allured soul
caught in a Romantica of sorts but still showing them bold

My Sinner's diamond thoughts are opiumed English Leather
taboo to any hopes of achieving and satisfying the desire

Note: Hank trying to put some sense into
using as many words instead of just 3 words

Lillian's at d'Verse's  Brand Name Noodling  - perfumes


  1. Oh the games of obsession and passion so often leaves us empty and unsatisfied

  2. That first line --- it sets the stage....it sets the mood....it tells a lot. Also like "to get away but preempted by ambushed leanings" -- that's obsession alright.
    Some very good noodling here!

  3. Nice last line about taboo to hopes of satisfying desire.

  4. You used many of the perfume brands and it smells of honesty, Hank.

  5. Your poems always make think so much , Hank.

  6. Can sure be out of reach for some as they seek and seek

  7. And you put it all together so creatively.