Sunday, May 27, 2018

insects and bugs do bug me

                                                                                                         Author shankar s.
Image: A Good Solution - Fried Bugs
for the Untried Palate (here)

11 of 12 given words:
hiding close invisible cardboard black 
corners belong laugh put strip home  

insects and bugs do bug me
hiding but still close by
invisible yet they scurry along
even under cardboard boxes
black dark corners are game
their domain where they belong

not to laugh it off
besides the nuisance
health is put into question
heath is on the line

what then is the solution?
not to strip the abode of fittings
nor to share the peace of home
with such unwanted distractions

they don't read of any 'shooing'
perhaps blow them off to kingdom come
'cruelty to living creatures' may have to be sacrificed

it all boils down to a matter of 'choices'
the choice of unhealthy surroundings
of doing nothing or
the array of spray insecticides
which health-wise is of a lesser danger

Brenda's The Sunday Whirl Wordle #353
Kim at  Real Toad's Weekend Mini Challenge  -  insects and bugs


  1. Hi Hank, the debate rages on...about whether insecticides are a risk or not...compared to the alternative. That scurrying under cardboards reminds me of roaches.....!

  2. Sure not an easy answer indeed. As those little pests can sure bring disease and such. But then pesticides can kill you more slowly. Ugg.

  3. Some insects and bugs do carry diseases but some keep them at bay. It's difficult to know which are which but I suppose if we respect them or harm them, we should be able to live side by side.I definitely wouldn't like to see cockroaches in my home!

  4. I guess the best is to stomp 'em

  5. I think some bugs you simply has to accept... I think I can accept most of them except ticks... they tick something in me.

  6. You raise an interesting question in your poem - how do we live (or not) with insects that bug us? Thought provoking poem!

  7. Yikes, bugs and insecticides.....a dilemma.

  8. I'm not too kenn on creepy crawlies but loved your poem.


  9. When the lights go out the bugs come out. In the day they sleep or crawl around out of sight. How sanitary they depends on where they've been. But they are scary and creepy. So we spray. Nice write, Hank. You use the word list well, keeping good with the prompt here.

  10. They are hard to live with, for sure!

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