Tuesday, April 26, 2022

passing through the woods

                                                                                          Author: Jeremy Corbyn
Image:  Happiness for Gramps (here)

V for Visiting Gramps

she was going to her gramp’s
not wearing red nor with a hood
delicately dressed a little risky
for passing through the woods

brought along reinforcements
her sister and the neighbor’s girl
to be safe but not a requirement
were two lunch-boxes of edibles

no adults to accompany them
nor any weapons as a defence
resolved to reach their destination
hoping bad wolves not marauding

if wolves were to approach them
they were then in for a surprise
neighbor’s girl a karate exponent
they were not known to be nice

A to Z April Challenge - V

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  1. Great variation on Red Riding Hood.

    Visiting from https://cassmobfamilyhistory.com