Thursday, April 21, 2022

not a drop this time around

                                                                                          Author: Lauri Väin
Image: Only Soft Drinks for Now  (here)

R for Reverie

a reversal of a fortune
a shift to manhood to a higher order
a swap of a kind
a coming of age for a teenager
from the ground up onto a higher plain
the stage is set

the brilliance providing a sparkle
the gloss of a luster
isn't it fun to be considered an adult
doing adult things?

fat chance! without freedom  
but a conjecture
hoping to mirror 
an adult is not just yet

this is a special birthday dinner for you
you've just turned 18, an adult legally yes!
but in my eyes as a parent
you're still a child, my child.

no drinks for you, just Adam's ale
you may have tears in your eyes
but you're showered 
with love as a substitute
are you listening
get real out of your reverie
good things in life
will exert its influence later
not a drop this time around
you're wondering why?

well, we need someone sober
to drive us home!

A to Z April Challenge R

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