Friday, April 29, 2022

Golden rays fading

                                     Author: Pepina
Image:  A Sunset (here)

Y for Yearning  to Record

Golden rays fading
A photographer’s delight
Artists and poets

Yearning  to record
Beauty an awe to behold
For posterity

A to Z April Challenge -  Y
Grace at dVerse OLN #315


  1. Yearning is quite an emotion and trying to hold onto this feeling or experience through a photograph. We take too many of them these days and all because of this yearning to recall! a clever and insightful poem.

  2. Yearning was my word for today too. Yearning to record beauty is a great way to describe what keeps me going.

  3. I like that word - yearning! Thanks for joining in Hank. April is almost done/over. Cheers!

  4. A lovely poem, Hank. Lovely.

  5. We spend so much effort capturing that light... yearning, but maybe missing what we need right behind us.