Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Of those good times like water-babies

                                                                                Author: Mari Lezhava via Unsplash
Image: Mermaid ballerina (here)

Reflecting on events that impinged on me lately
Like fleeting rain that wet my being utterly
Do I have to care for his feelings regardless
When he stormed out and left me in the wilderness

Regretfully images keep playing profusely in serials
Of those good times like water-babies as a couple
Encouraging memories in learning the various strokes
In an empty pool reminiscing that unduly provokes

Ever swaying incessantly like walking on a tightrope
Life is but a longing that continues with a lot of hope

Amber's at MLMM's Photo Challenge #223
Sumana's at PU's Midweek Motif -  wilderness


  1. Have to continue on and keep hoping away

  2. How I love that closing line.......

  3. Here wilderness seems to be what remains when love has fled. The hope and longing are palpable.

  4. Hope, how valuable is that asset of ours that sustains us through the most difficult times.

  5. "left me in the wilderness"...Oh, a devastating feeling here. But the poem ends nicely with longing and hope.

  6. I enjoyed your poem, it seemed a bit sad, but there is hope.

  7. Ah, life is indeed a kind of longing. And we dare to hope because that keeps us going. A rueful verse, with some hope to lighten its tone.

  8. Your last line is dynamite. Luv it
    Happy you dropped by my blog


  9. The last line says it all, Hank. Hope never dies, for without it we would not be able to survive...What a touching poem, but thank you for this inspiration!!!! :)
    As someone said, "H.O.P.E.: Holistic Optimism for Progress and Encouragement." How true!

  10. We live for that hope, Hank. Gorgeous writing.