Saturday, July 21, 2018

and to unwittingly succumb to the shedding of tears

                                                                    Author Alfred T. Palmer (1906–1993)
Image: The Poignant moment
Prior to Tears (here)

last she remembered she was sauntering along
exhausted from having to escape from the danger
she stopped rested a while but before long
she found himself in the air as leader

of the pack having outwitted the pursuers

she got up realizing she was having a dream
no wonder the sequence of events were truncated
the flow of progress were illogically seen
moving in many directions but unrelated

glad she managed to wake up but amid fears

it was stressful when it showed the outcome
depicting sufferings and isolation in full view
it could be preempting an imminent event
to an  insistence that bad dreams could come true

and to unwittingly succumb to the shedding of tears

Brendan's at Real Toad's 
Weekend Challenge


  1. I am intrigued by the title and the image, Hank, and that your poem starts in the middle of a dream.

  2. Oh, those are awful moments, when we wake up crying after some deeply distressful dream that we perhaps don't even recall.

  3. I agree these dreams can be confusing and highly distressful.

  4. I love this -- poems should always begin where dreams leave off, assembling the dark river backward into remembered dream -- Nice dreamlike touch where a woman dreams she is a man, which is like a poem trying to be a dream -- and the sense of fleeting danger one wakes from with immense gratitude, realizing that what was too real is swum off from one's pillow into smoke. Leaving us to attempt analysis, which at best is just a ladder of maybe's. There's enough of the dream in reality to make us wonder as the poem does, that maybe it wasn't just a dream. Well done Hank!

  5. Sometimes they sure can stick and such a moment arises as soon as your eyes open.

  6. Oh, this dream speaks to me of an unrealized want and its realization which doesn't adhere to what one would expect. The coming back from that dream as in waking up and its synthesis in reality is so well penned in your words.

  7. ...perhaps some dreams are warnings for us to take action... ?

  8. You can try a whole lifetime to wake up from a dream like that

  9. I do believe that some dreams are omens....who knows? An intriguing write :)

  10. You have described this well, the discomfort of the dream, awakening in tears.

  11. Nightmares are awful to have.
    Loved the poem Hannk.


  12. I love the description of confusion that happens in dreams. Then we wake and try to piece them together while they are escaping back into darkness. Well done.