Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Nature divinely friendly

                                                                                                   Author Roger Kidd
Image: An Evening Walk (here)

Autumn coolness
Balanced weather offerings
Chirping in the trees
Lazy clouds move leisurely
Cheery seniors walking by

Misty evening drifts
With unbuttoned shirts flailings
Butterflies winged up
Nature divinely friendly
That life's worries forgotten

Chevrefeuilles' Carpe Diem.
Crossroads #13- chilly coolness
willow_switches' at Real Toad's 
Poeming - tuesday platform


  1. Just taking a stroll can sure release life's toll

  2. Looking forward to the coolness again.

  3. This is a smile maker, Hank. Love the sight of "cheery seniors", and the idea of "Nature divinely friendly". This is a piece I could carry around with me for always.

  4. Autumn evenings are the best, Hank.
    But you've got to watch those seniors.

  5. This is so peaceful. Nature’s beauty doesn’t compare with what the world has to offer. A magical walk.

  6. the serenity of an evening walk - even more enjoyable when there is a slight nip in the air - crisp and fresh - a way to just wind down at the end of a day, especially after a hot summer?

    very peaceful!

  7. It's good to take a stoll as I am slao a "Cheery Pensioner"
    Great verse Hank.