Monday, July 23, 2018

contend with asking questions later

                                                                       ATTRIBUTION. © by James G. Howes, 2008.
Image: Gunfight at the OK Corral (here)

the 12 given words:
lawman holster gunslinger 
churlish ((adj.) rude)
vittles (n.)) food supplies, provisions)
saloon lasso hang spurs
cactus wine ((n.) made with tequila and peyote)
outlaw frontier 

a lawman with holster opened at the ready
a gunslinger churlish in demeanor smirking
he came for his weekly vittles cautiously
not likely a showdown in the right setting

but why a bee-line to the saloon for a look
with a lasso made to hang loosely at the shoulder
spurs depositing mud freely every step he took
after a hard day thin on patience not open to blabber

his favorite cactus wine in a jiffy to whet a thirst
and he thought nothing of the impending danger
but law enforcement was rather to shoot first
and to contend with asking questions later

an outlaw or not would have known better
of the classic unwritten rule at the frontier

Amber at MLMM's Bonus Wordle  -  wild west
Rommy's at Real Toad's - tuesday platform


  1. A most interesting verse to read Hank, I did enjoy the content,


  2. Have to watch that unwritten rule, as the shoot first sure comes.

  3. One needed to have a care back in the Old West. You never know who might be gunning for you.

  4. This reminds me of the old westerns I used to watch as a kid. You have described the scenario perfectly.

  5. The thought of hanging around with a lethal lasso at the ready makes all this so immediate...

  6. Oh, this is quite tense - the unwritten rule makes it even more so. Like a scene unwinding, it is also the unraveling of this thought in such a circumstance.

  7. Sometimes it's the one who shoots first that comes home with the trophy...

  8. If there is going to be a gun fight, I imagine it is best to be the one who shoots first.

  9. It's always wise to make the first move!

  10. The short lived western period has always fascinated folks.
    I like what you did here. I enjoyed this prompt with a little verse: