Sunday, February 18, 2018

hailed from a strong Chilean upbringing

                                                                                    Attribution: Sascha Darlington
Image: Private Property (here)

The 2 homophone sets are:
hail – frozen rain
hale– robust health
Chile – South American country
chili – dried pod of red pepper
chilly – uncomfortably cool

hale and hearty
attributed to a generous diet
of chili so it seemed

hailed from a strong Chilean upbringing
from high on the Andes
chilly in the cold months but tolerable
often subjected though
to blizzards of hail-stones

through sheer hard work and frugality
he managed to amass
wealth beyond his wildest dreams
invested heavily in landed property
acres and acres of rolling plains
greenery as far as the eyes could see

but what happened that day got him mad

on his inspection rounds but his assistant
had forgotten to bring the keys to the gates

he summoned his workers who were
on the field at the other side to bring
the pick-up close to the fencing

though appearing ungentlemanly
he had to do it accentuating full justice
to his Chilean stock

he had no time to waste
he had to climb over!
(143 words)

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  1. the practical thing to do in the end!!!

  2. I hope he found what he was looking for on the other side

  3. There's nothing worse than an irate owner. The more you have the meaner you are.

  4. a paradoxical climb down - clever imagery

  5. Sometimes you forget and then you have to make the climb.

  6. I agree with Robin. There is nothing worse than an irate owner. Powerful write, Hank!

  7. I enjoyed this tale in verse! Well contrived & expressed.

  8. I enjoyed the way you cleverly mixed in these homophones.

  9. Trying to maintain dignity while scaling a fence would be tricky!

  10. Though one typically might expect a Chilean to grow strong on asado, cazuela, y pastel de choclo. (Soy Peruana-Americana pero tengo un tio Chileno).

    1. These are foreign to Hank. Must be deliciously satisfying. Thanks for the local knowledge, Rommy!


  11. Sometimes I don't like to think of all that a word can can be confusing. Nicely done.

  12. Sometimes there is only one way to go... climbing will work

  13. I like this.. you built the scene up. And then he climbed over the fence!

  14. I love the paradox, here, of having to break into his own place. No matter how far we may rise, we can still be brought low by the simplest things. Though it shows he wasn't above doing what had to be done, to get on with it. Nicely drawn.

  15. His climb is a rise to thd occasion. He did what had to be done. Godd for him. And i think he had every reason to be angry
    Nice wrire Hank. Very creative usd of the homophones.
    Thanks for linking to my Sunday Standard today


  16. Well done with the prompt Hank, a story well told.
    Anna :o]

  17. Let no fence stand in the way of the hale and hearty one!

  18. I like the way you played with Chile/chilly etc.

  19. When you are the owner you have the right I think to break into your own place. ;)

    I like how you combined the prompts :)