Saturday, February 10, 2018

a home without windows

                                                                                  Author: J Hardy Carroll
Image: House of Many Doors (here)

The 12 given words:
earth frozen home hazy crazy 
poverty rope folded saint holy gusts
rasping (a harsh, scratchy sound)

what on earth could it be
an intrusion frozen in time
a home without windows
it was hazy
it was crazy

but he remembered it well
poverty imposed certain restrictions
and he learnt the ropes fast

folded into a saint, a holy soul
he stayed put in a house of many doors
gusts of wind had no say
but to bid their time

only rasping noises in the night
convinced him that the wind
was bent on escape

Sunday's Photo Fiction February
Brenda's Sunday's Whirl Wordle 338
Mary at PU's Poetry Pantry #390


  1. Just waiting for that chance to escape, can be a long wait.

  2. I think it is scary to have no sight to the outside....interesting metaphors!

  3. That would be really creepy to live in a place with no windows.

  4. A house with many doors and no windows.......intriguing indeed.

  5. No windows but lots of doors, clearly a walk out or in options options
    Nice write Hank

    much love...

  6. Those many doors open as much opportunities as windows, maybe better. I like the surreal touch here. :-)


  7. A house like that sounds enough like a prison to belong in a nightmare.

  8. Not sure I'd like to live there! You really created a mood with this one.

  9. I like how you combined these words. You have a great imagination. This poem made me think of how we try to escape our own inner poverty or deprivations at times. Good writing!

  10. Intriguing poem. I'd be ok in a house with no windows as long as it had doors -- one can paint the walls, put up photographs and art. But you need doors to come and go as you like. I love that last line, "convinced him that the wind
    was bent on escape"