Monday, February 19, 2018

she contended to outshine the other pupils

                                                                      Artist :Alexei Harlamov  (1840–1925)
Image: She was just eight going to nine
(oil on canvas) (here)

the 12 given words:
pupils sultry fragile  eyelashes whispers 
sway close butterflies sweat veranda 
mocha (a high quality type of coffee)
Moment of Tangency (a glimpse of what might have been)

she contended to outshine the other pupils
sultry much to the point of being fragile
with eyelashes accentuating doe-like eyes
speaking in whispers in flagrant sexiness
born to be on the catwalk

held sway against all competition
'keep your feet close to the ground'
that she had been told
lest she had designs of her own

with butterflies tingling in her stomach
she had to sweat it out
careful not open to view at the veranda

'avoid mocha' she was advised
caffeine was a bad word

she had her Moment of Tangency
when a beauty pageant was staged in town
she just could not wait
but her time would come

MLMM's -  Bonus wordle 
- moment of tangency 
Rommy's at Real Toad's  - the tuesday platform


  1. Good when many get their time, even if sometimes it can be frivolous.

  2. It can be difficult to remain grounded and keep balance in such a situation. The fashion industry is a scary place!

  3. Eight-year-olds want to be nineteen plus or minus. KP, our youngest granddaughter is eight. She pretty well fits your poem's description

  4. too early to be sexy, let alone to be pushed into it ~

  5. I hope that she can be childlike and playing... time will come.

  6. The first line is absolutely mesmerizing.

  7. moment of tangency.. i like that!

  8. To be so young.. so full of dreams.. sigh.. Beautifully poignant.

  9. Nice how you added verse to explain the painting. :)

    Thanks for visiting... When I wrote Black and White faces... it was to represent the photo image of a newspaper. :) So 'they' the boys could be anyone from anytown.

  10. "she just could not wait
    but her time would come"

    Indeed it will !