Saturday, December 10, 2016

Unusually luxuriant in its blessings

                                                                                               Attribution: leslie.jenny
Image: Snow Flakes Slowly Floating
at 'Snow Birthed Tales' (here)

given words:
snow cabin ice

With folding of hands together
More in acts of prayers shown
A coolness to a given cheer
Free yet perplexed being alone

Warmth in the cabin sweltering
Despite thick snowfall outdoors
Unusually luxuriant in its blessings
Ice on the road none that bothers

Such an undertone augurs well
Watered down a little in earnest
Within the few days would be swell
Sustenance to a White Christmas

For Magaly's at Real Toad's  -  poetry and flash fiction
of not more than 13 lines
Elizabeth's Creativity Challenge Day 20  -  water


  1. Because I have the sense of humor of a hormonal teenage boy, I can't stop grinning at the last line of the first stanza.

  2. Definitely a favorite way to keep warm in the winter

  3. Really like the image. Some sense of conflict, yet a warm and peaceful undertone here. As a self-proclaimed hermit, I rather like the idea of being alone in a snow-encased log cabin.


  4. I got a sense: with each stanza, one further step back. Well done.

  5. To be inside all warm and the outside blustery - bliss

  6. Love your take on this Hank, I can totally picture that warmth❤️

  7. Inside is swell when that white stuff begins to fall