Monday, December 19, 2016

A symbol of the times

                                                                                Attribution: Joe Mabel
Engrossed in talking (here)

12 of 13 given words:
card couch cushion lounge grave now
machine volume never symbol groove grind 

It is on the cards
A couch potato snug on the cushions
Having the lounge all to himself
Appears to be a habit in the making

It may seem grave but now rampant
A mean machine and the TV is on
The volume is full blast
Never a dull moment

A symbol of the times
One is in the groove
A world of one's own!

Fingers on the smart-phone
Grinding his teeth one moment
And laughter the next moment
Interspersed with an occasional obscenity
A game in progress most intense
With someone somewhere
but unknown and unseen
Books do not interest them
The youngsters of today

Brenda's Sunday Whirl #278  -  baker's dozen
Mary's at PU's Poetry Pantry #333
Elizabeth's Creativity Challenge
Day 27  -  laughter
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  1. Winter months ahead; ah but you can read some really good poems from blog friends too

    Happy Holidays Hank

    much love...

  2. The age of technology is fast impriving.....I can't keep up with it.
    Great post Hank.

  3. It will be a sad world if the only reading kids do is on their phones through texts and Facebook.

  4. I really hope books will be embraced again.. they can take us to a better world

  5. The couch seems to be the place of all, youngsters want it all now now now.

  6. Couch potatoes come in all ages I think. And I hope books never become a thing of the past. Good writing Hank. Have a Happy Holiday.

  7. Yes, the times are changing...

  8. It is indeed a different world.
    (seems to me, I heard those words when I was younger)

  9. "A couch potato snug on the cushions"...ha...these are the exact words to describe them...

  10. Accurately expressed. I hope books do not fade or get stuck forever in a couch cushion.

  11. Very true! It still amazes me when I ride my bike and see people walking in nature, looking at their cell phones like zombies.

  12. Luckily some youngsters are avid readers (my granddughter in fact who reads for hours at night) so all is not lost, except her sleep perhaps.