Tuesday, December 20, 2016

had a way then to transform them

                                                                                          Attribution: Name invalid
Image:Three drug addicts seen smoking
a huge amount of crack cocaine (here)

the 12 given words:
swill wildness tidal barefaced
zilch (zero, nothing)
amphetamine (a drug to lift the mood from a depressive state)
relent (to change become more mild or amenable
reverie (a daydream)
avarice (insatiable greed for riches)
The Fourth Rule (there is an exception to every rule.)
sanguine (cheerfully optimistic)

A mind that swilled in wildness
Likened to tidal wave proportions
impacting on a barefaced soul
They were lost  in a zilch of nothingness

The amphetamine's initial effects
had a way then to transform them
It was a slow progress towards a relaxed
state to relent in beautiful riverie

That was what every junkie sadly
hoped for every time and all the time
after popping in a fix
No more cravings in enhancing
an avarice of worldly wealth

But there seemed a common possibility
 though of The Fourth Rule being triggered off
There could be spasms of violent reactions
to sandpaper all the expectations of
 a sanguine peacefulness.

They eventually suffered alone in a dream-like
stupor not bothered nor aware of the real world

MLMM's Wordle #134
Elizabeth's Creativity Challenge Day 30  -  beautiful
Kerry's at Real Toad's   -  the tuesday platform


  1. Any addiction, be it drugs or something else, is a deep desire to escape and find a better or more beautiful world.


  2. Suffering, lost and alone. Ouch. This poem reminds me of what I saw in the eyes of some of my clients, when I was a case manager. Scary and so very sad.

  3. Looking for beauty - gaining only ugliness.

  4. They seek expansion, and wind up with a life shut down. So sad. In Canada, especially BC, Fentanyl deaths are epidemic......in the hundreds. It is in all street drugs. Horrifying.

  5. Always seeking that out to try and escape, but drugs never get them there.

  6. I agree with Elizabeth and this is really gut-wrenching you have captured that desperation so well


  7. The madness and isolation is well described here.

  8. They eventually suffered alone.. These words are most telling.

  9. I have watched this play out too many times. I am currently dealing with a childhood friend who has been swallowed by the monster.

  10. Drugs are addicting, even coffee and beer. Some are worse than others. I am addicted to Vicodin. Getting off is the worst part.

  11. Thanks to your creativity, we walked with them