Sunday, December 4, 2016

changing patterns of behaviour

                                                                          Attribution: Josh Semans
Image: Ardent Chat-partner (here)

10 of 12 given words
heave screeching dead chatter patterns 
doors anatomy back reload files 

Slow cruising others heaving sighs of relief
But screeching dead stops were shocking
Could well prove fatal to end up in grief
For chatter at the wheel had many fuming

Together with changing patterns of behaviour
Having a cell-phone was more of a nuisance
No more like talking behind closed doors
But blurting outright without much concern

Zombies walking into walls knocked senseless
Remember anatomy of Pokemon Go back then
Reload on the go with files of virtual monsters
A mobile game that took the world by storm

Novelty waned now, less lustre lacking enthusiasm
Despite updates such as the recent Halloween event
And Thanksgiving with rewards for stardust and experience
Discussions together between friends had died down

For Brenda's Sunday Whirl #277 and
Elizabeth's Creativity Challenge Day 15  -  together


  1. Zombies many truly are, whether playing Pokemon Go or not, as away they trot.

  2. The telephone itself was invented to bring us together, allow us to maintain contact, with others and the rest of the world. Cell phones do the opposite. They allow us to move through the world, neither seeing or hearing it, totally self-absorbed, and oblivious to what is around us. What a great way to show both sides of being together, Hank.


  3. It amazes me, wherever I go, to see people, heads down, immersed in the virtual world, while the real one passes them by. Well said, Hank.

  4. I rarely use my cellphone. There is nothing worse than getting together with someone in person and they spend most of that time obsessing over social media, texts, surfing, games or whatever it is people spend so much time doing with their phones. Cell phones are great for emergencies but I think they have socially crippled some of us.