Wednesday, December 21, 2016

One of its kind still found on the road

                                                                                          Attribution : Fanny Schertzer
Image: A Vintage Vainly Sought after (here)

11 of 12 given words:
painted white wildest streams 
passing city swish water sleeve cars
pines (to yearn deeply)

3WW given words:
clunker (something worthless or inferior)
apathy (absence of interest in or enthusiasm)

Clunker of a jalopy many had mistakenly
believed but of which he was extremely proud
One of its kind still found on the road
Bashful neither
Embarrassed none
Apathy of others had not rubbed on

Had been tinkering on it for many years
The better of his life so to speak
Had it painted in conservative white
not of any wildest of psychedelic colors

Was challenged by streams of youngsters
passing in their sleek speedsters on occasions
whenever in the city

They menacingly swished past
splashing muddied water in the process
even on his sleeves laughing away

He had not pined for any fast cars
for he breathed satisfaction on this one
and enjoyed the leisurely pace

MMT's Sunday's Whirligig #91
Elizabeth's Creativity Challenge Day 31  -  breathe
Thomg's 3WW week #511


  1. Sometimes that slower pace is the only place that works,


  2. I should think that owning a veteran, vintage or classic car would give the owner great satisfaction (as well as expense!). Having driven older cars for 60 years or so I wouldn't want to relive those days as motoring is much easier now...apart from the congestion and bad behaviour!

  3. With a car like that a leisurely pace is the best way to go - happy holidays to you Hank

  4. Sometimes slow and steady is the way, avoiding accidents. And if one like what they have, keep it indeed.

  5. Thank goodness he did not pine for fastness or was impacted by apathy...good on him for working on his passion!

  6. Rush hour is for fools and company slaves. No?