Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Seemingly a guarded smile

                                                                           Attribution: Kleynia R. McKnight                               
Image: A Beauty Queen's Guarded Smile (here)

Whirligig's 12 given words:
pouts hazel cheeks softens glances limp 
months letting tight spirit scar small

3WW given words:
kook (a crazy or eccentric person)
maniacal lethal

Seemingly a guarded smile with pouted lips
Hazel brown eyes twinkling in the summer's heat
Warmed rosy cheeks pinkish as a new-born baby
Was it not enough to soften the hearts of many?

What when she stole glances to render men limp
Confounded the male admirers after months of letting
Tight and tensed they tried to liven up their spirits
Scars imprinted in their minds told of likely defeats

What a kook it was to pass off a beautiful life partner
Not maniacal enough to ward off blows of other suitors
Not a semblance of something lethal nor a small matter
Mistake perhaps for she was a beauty queen years later

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Thomg's at 3WW #482


  1. Make your move before it's too late!

  2. I still hope there is beauty in both heart and looks... Maybe it was not a mistake at all... After all it could be written miss take.

  3. yes sometimes you have to make your move while the iron is hot unless maybe she's all looks and no foundation?

  4. So many layers of beauty and so hard to judge what is true and what is put on. One of the good things I've found in growing old is that the real does emerge. It has to.

  5. I completely agree about so many layers of beauty in all of us!

  6. Wonderful poem Hank, and very true.

  7. Good to be on guard after all ~ And good for her to be a beauty queen after all ~

  8. Have to be on guard in many a way, but pushing on through too. Beauty is in many ways

  9. I suppose beauty isn't everything - perhaps she is wiser than her smile suggests ;) Nicely written Hank!

  10. They all become beauty queens years later, but the the true person is wrapped in WYSIWIG. Love that rendering and you'll have a beauty queen for life, Hank!

  11. sMILes.. truly it's hard
    to be a beauty Queen
    these days.. even if one does
    not wear the crown.. even if they
    are A.. Queen from birth.. as my
    frAgile looKing butterfly oF a wiFe
    can tale through years of bullying
    in school for the jealousy of her
    beauty by bigger boned
    girls.. and then into
    adult-hood as
    these days
    some women
    don't wanna be
    friends with someone
    all the men google eyes
    at.. no.. it's not always an
    easy ride being beautiful too
    and sure it's the same for a man
    as not many men wanna HANG around
    a lady's
    man either
    as i can attest
    in reams of evidence
    as well of course.. funny..
    how Nature has his and
    her say.. my wife and
    i have always
    been gifts
    only to the
    opposite sex
    it seems.. but
    sure.. she won the
    battle of the beauty
    against the beast long ago..
    and whenever she gets on
    my Facebook page the likes
    do skyrocket
    oh.. so
    abLY noW
    and no doubt
    sHe is likely one
    of the only reasons
    i noW have 1.4 million
    views on the Google plus
    oh what A side show she is..
    in all stuff bLog of beauty sure..
    nah.. tHeRe is no
    an alMost
    wITh no
    FaKE SMiLes..;)

  12. She doesn't render me limp! Go for it man before I do!(I really do write nonsense sometimes!) Cheers Hank

    The Mayor. A very short story.

  13. Great combination of prompts you've got here, Hank! Thanks for joining in :-)