Thursday, June 23, 2016

Remember the Modern Day Explorer Yusuf Hashim?

                                                                                            Atteibution: Yusuf Hashim

Yusuf Hashim was featured in Alex's 2015, A to Z April Challenge in a number of Hank's postings (here)  He is still at it. His resilience and enthusiasm knows no bounds. A snapshot on his FB wall posting (above) a few days ago.attested to this. Yusuf was aboard an aerobatics fighter bomber that prompted a comment from Hank (excerpts below)

Hank says:
Fantastic! Keep at it OP Yusuf Hashim. You have your pilot's licence. Not clear here if you were at the controls! Given your many talents we can expect anything from you!

Yusuf Hashim says
Ha ha Hank, there are dual controls on both the front and rear cockpits. I am not rated for aerobatics so I wasn't permitted to touch the stick and pedals during aerobatic manoeuvres. The captain only allowed me to take the controls briefly, on the more civilised parts of the flight. Quite scary really, because the controls were so light and twitchy, compared to the controls of the Cessnas and Pipers that I am rated to fly.

He has his plate full till 2018. Yusuf already lined himself up as shown below:

Just can't keep up with the pace that Yusuf had set himself

For Susan's at PU's Midweek Motif  -  resilience


  1. Wow, he sure never stops. Go go go experiencing a ton at his show.

  2. I bet that plane ride was one of his greatest adventures. Although with those six trips planned, maybe not.

  3. I have followed him. What an adventurer! One thing I have learned from blogging is about people in countries Americans do not learn about in the regular news such as Yusuf Hashim.
    I would love to go on one of his adventures; but, no money, getting too old for that sort of thing and too many folks depending on me. Maybe I can get Yusuf Hashim to explore my state and I can get to hang out with him some. lol

  4. Certainly a man for adventure and daring with it.
    Good to read for this less energetic person.

  5. I remember reading other adventures you wrote about this guy. He really seems to be a world traveler and open to new experiences.

  6. I grew up around aerobatic pilots - my mum was one. So roller coasters are a bit boring.
    I agree that blogging opens up a world for us to hear about people we would otherwise miss.