Monday, January 30, 2023

Can one be faulted?

                                                                                                             Author: Lucyin
Image:  Walking hurriedly (here)

Motley of questions clouding her mind. Cobwebs clinging affecting her thinking
She is seeking for answers as to why he comes back. She hurriedly leaves the 
house thoughts still bothering her. 

She still has clear recollections of the last encounter. There she was on the bench 
teary eyed spurned and reduced to a wreck sobbing. Gritting her teeth she laments 
her hopelessness. He left without as much as a  glance over his shoulders. 

That was not too long ago about five years she reckoned. He has the audacity 
now to make amends causing her to shudder.

She could not say no as he could move mountains. What he had in mind she 
just could not fathom. She is heading towards the designated rendezvous 
keeping to the appointed time. 

Why she is complying is mystifying but she has to.  Her heart is still within 
his grips that is beyond explaining!  

Can one be faulted
Feelings taking a backseat
A human failing

Frank at d'Verse  -  Haibun-Monday- heart


  1. I wonder if it is good for here... there seems to be some toxicity in him

  2. "Her heart is still within his grips..." Great line, Hank.

    Hope you're doing fine,

  3. there is always something holding us back to see how the past is in the present. I hope they both see something good for the "now".