Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Lone hearts cower in silence

                                                                                                 Author: FTPPTF
Image:  An Eerie feel (here)

He thought he could discern glimpses of movements 
behind him darting across chasms of emptiness, playing 
tricks with his imagination. They were even accompanied 
with sounds. Why were there rustling leaves?

Trudging in the evening sun all alone through tall trees 
of stony silence. Fear he had to endure for his house 
was at the far end. Why must he walk alone?

He had to brave the quiet path idyllic in its structure. He 
kept asking why he was subjected to all this. No choice 
was extended to him. What did he do wrong?

lone hearts cower in fear shows
measure of conscience

Frank's at d'Verse with Haibun Monday
to include, the word, fear


  1. This haibun sounds like a punishment for something gone wrong ... well done, Mr. Hank!

  2. Fears tormented by a bad conscience are all the more piercing. Brilliant haibun.

  3. I can feel the panic rising... and all you have to focus on is not to run... just never run.