Monday, October 11, 2021

he was nabbed by the police subject to rigorous questioning

                                                                                       Author: DingoFilter
Image: Wrapped under an Arbuthnot Tartan plaid (here)

10 of 12 given words:
cringe freeze privacy hilltops hide escape sorrow swivel limp
miscreant (a person who has done something wrong or unlawful)
plaid (chequered or tartan twilled cloth)

he cringed to think how close it was
trying to freeze his privacy unto himself
as a way of forgetting the woes impacting
a hermit's routine ideal up the hilltops

it was not  to hide nor to escape the sorrow
to just bid his time to be alone to swivel
around without any particular reason
but he was sporting a limp the past week
when he slipped unceremoniously in the 
driveway and crumbled in a blob 

the miscreant they were looking for had
an uncanny resemblance in gait and also
headed for the hills on the last count

it was his ill-luck to have pulled the plaid
from the drawers on the way out of the house 
again a blunder

he was nabbed by the police subject to
rigorous questioning as to the colourful 
tartan plaid which appeared similar

just goes to show one cannot take lightly
anything colourful to have on one's person   

MLMM's  at Wordle #261
Lillian at d'Verse OLN LIVE 


  1. A fun and endearing tale! In the UK, at every single wedding there is at least one person wearing tartan. Or at least every wedding I've been to. This brought back memories!

  2. Crumbled in a blob? Say it ain't so, Hank!

  3. So much fun, Hank! Wonderful descriptive phrased!

  4. 🙂 luv how the story ends


  5. I really enjoyed reading this, Hank. 😄

  6. A fun post, Hank! A warning to be careful of the tartan plaid :)
    PS: could you add a link or tag back to dVerse? I can't find it and know you usually do.
    It would have been fun to hear you read this at OLN LIVE!