Monday, October 18, 2021

an ashen faced shock

                                                                                     Author: Dickinstein
Image: A Near Tragedy 
- just a Black Eye  (here)  

seemingly contrived 
bemoaned of feel
more of embarrassment 

for being careless
not physically hurt 
but it did seal
an ashen faced shock 
happened sudden 
in times of stress 

mouth 'masked' 
but more blinded
to woes of worry 
when the survival instinct 
is supreme
(44 words)

Shay at Sunday Muse#182
with Photo Challenge
Sarah at d'Verse's Quadrille
- to include the word 'ash' in
44 words


  1. I managed to fall over as an adult, in the street. Hurt my knee. What hurt more was the sense of complete embarrassment and confusion. Just thought I'd share the memory you conjured up for me!

    The image you shared made me think of domestic violence, the excuses people make, and the 'masked' mouth added to that concern.

    It's a powerful one.

  2. Hank - you really blew this out of the park with both prompts.

    -David [ben Alexander]

  3. And wow, one of my author friends has that image as her book cover.

  4. Powerful words which speak of an uncomfortable situation.

  5. This bespoke of the many who are abused and make excuse. Well written!

  6. And we must care about those who are abused...

  7. "mouth 'masked' but more blinded to woes of worry,".. that is such a strong and poignant image!

  8. I agree with Sanaa, that line is a strong and poignant one. Always glad to see you at the Muse Hank!

  9. Ah you snuck in late and I almost missed you, Hank! Happy weekend!