Thursday, July 15, 2021

Where the game is still the same

                                                                                             Author: Sebastiandoe5
Image: New Construction 
in the Neighbourhood (here)

the 11 of 12 given words:
sound violins, frets protest, broken keeping 
bridge, strings, ruins, belly, brittle, 

Gone were the days
Of fun and laughter
Of sounds of good music
Of melodious violins

Gone were the feelings
Of wanting to be an adult
Of frets tumbles and trauma
To protest and do adult things
And get rewarded

Gone were the backyard
That witnessed broken bones
Of tears of childhood experience
And the triumph of keeping
Boyhood strength that bridged
hidden talents

Gone were the neighborhood
Whose kids have grown
And flew to new nests
Some with no strings attached

Gone were the houses
Close to your heart
Now in ruins
To make way for developers
To enrich their belly 
But we still witness
The antics of those vying
For higher office where
brittle rivalries were rampant

Gone were the players of old
Replaced by new ones
Where the game is still the same
Only the players have changed

Bjorn at d'Verse  Meet the Bar
with chant poetry
MMT's at the Whirligig Wordle  #327


  1. This game seems to continue from generation to generation. I hope it ends soon!

  2. Any game that is defined by declaring a winner will result in too many losers... and that is costly.

  3. The list of "gones" is painfully long. A very clever write.

  4. The chant of 'gone' works beautifully in your poem, Hank.

  5. The more things change Hank, the more they remain the same. The players may change, but the uniform is still the same. Toss the uniform, leave thd game — there is that choice, though certainly not always simple. Break the trend, unlink the chain, divert the tide — we all need to endeavor to be the difference, to some degree.✊🏼 This was a powerful write my friend! 🙂

  6. Hank, when will this game finally end? There is nothing that exists that doesn't end, which puzzles me as to why this one is taking so long. We need to come full circle and get back to the garden.

  7. I think of Cuba, Haiti,and other places where rights of the people are lost in government power games...

  8. To many games though the players change, the game sadly remains the same.

  9. How important it is to maintain the standards of ones life and not be bullied by others.