Sunday, July 11, 2021

countless fish in the water?

                                                                            Author: Jasper James
Image: Difficult to imagine
what lies beneath the water (here)

the 11 of 12 given words:
unravelling shadow spray flame 
language risk feast fish off saved eat

would it need unravelling
of imagination in the mind
a shadow play of happenings 
to spray flames of languages 
in bright daylight to risk a feast
of colourful images

countless fish in the water
desiring to get off to glide 
freely in the air wanting 
to be saved from having to eat
in a polluted environment

such is the new normal
restrictive in movements
affecting life even in peaceful
reaches of supposedly 
clear and clean water
in major waterways

but not anymore

Carrie's Sunday Muse #168
Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle#509


  1. Definitely a sad new normal. Your poem brings these truths to light the way they should be seen. Glad to see you Hank, and I hope you have a great week.

  2. Few places that aren't polluted anymore.

  3. An awesome use of those words paired with that stunning image. Cheers, Hank!!

  4. To think of the feast as the pollution; everything excess and bright, nothing clear.

  5. The rotating of this image is so startling! A somber write.

  6. The 'new normal' is indeed a scary prospect. Let's hope the old normal will resurface soon.

  7. There are so many great things in this poem. This line really hit me "to spray flames of languages" Wow!

  8. Beautifully written, with some choice phrasing.