Monday, July 26, 2021

Ideas streaming into my head

                                                                                                   Author: W.carter
Image: Just like the ideas 
branching out (here)

Ideas streaming into my head competing 
with my headaches. Too much can have 
the opposite effect. The headaches persist! 

But net, net I still have the ideas. They can be 
put to good use given the lockdown. Blessed 
be with no laments or complaints
(44 words)

De at d'Verse Quadrille Monday#132
with the inclusion of 'stream' 


  1. I'm so sorry about your headaches! As one who gets chronic migraines, I can relate. May those ideas prevail, and push out the pain.

  2. "Ideas streaming into my head competing
    with my headaches."

    Aw, dang. I am sorry about your headaches too. I get them once a month, and it's hard to think straight with them. You paint this scene vividly, and it's extremely evocative to me.

  3. Sorry for you headache... Too much screen time can do that as well!

  4. Sorry to read of the headaches. Yet a poem emerges
    Thanks for dropping by to read mine


  5. Hard to comment when pain is so near, but nicely worded poem.

  6. Dear Hank ... feel better soon. I relate to headaches as I had migraines for many years ... finally cycling out of them in my late 50s.

  7. My sympathy for the migraines, yet they fostered a fine poem.

  8. I admire your ability to turn what could be a debilitating barrier into blessings.

  9. Headaches can be so disabling, Hank. And, indeed, that does not stop the ideas from competing for our attention. And you write in spite of them. Hope they take flight soon.

  10. Yes, all of those ideas can be put to good use when we are locked down! Just be careful of those headaches...