Tuesday, July 27, 2021

it rekindled memories

                                                            Author:Trailer screenshot cropped by Dr. Blofeld
Image: He Somehow looks Familiar (here)

the 12 given words:
sparks spontaneous sky far magic rising 
ring rekindled legendary dress heats future

sparks could fly
it was spontaneous
it was not something
that dropped from the sky
far from it
but rather like magic
rising from the realms
of imagination
with a ring of mystery
around it

it rekindled memories
of the legendary
"dressed for the kill" adage
for clothes maketh the man

it rode the heats 
on the silver screens
of the exploits 
of future superheroes

who was he?
if it was not Bond!

Note: for clothes maketh the man
- people are judged according to the way they are dressed.

Brenda's The Sunday Whirl Wordle#511
Merril's at d'Verse - Poetics - the proverbials


  1. ... and a martini, shaken, not stirred. I loved your James Bond poem and choice of proverb Hank ☺️

  2. I really enjoyed your poem, Hank. I like the proverb you chose and the example you used.

  3. pithy and quick and love these lines
    "it rode the heats
    on the silver screens
    of the exploits
    of future superheroes"

  4. Yep! Clothes, scruffy beards, blue eyes, talent in creating the perfect cocktail, a shaved head .... all of it.

  5. aha. i cannot agree more. really nice.

  6. Well done! Those silver screen images are lasting.