Monday, March 4, 2019

you may sneer at its harsh motifs

                                                                                                Photo: google images
Image: unusual wallpaper (here)

the given words: 
sneer harsh angry disruption pressure 
lugubrious (adj.)) mournful, dismal, or gloomy)
reproach (to find fault,blame,censure)
withdraw transpires kit

you may sneer at its harsh motifs
you are angry at its sheer insistence
disruption to the smooth flow of initiatives
putting pressure to sanity's benevolence

funky wallpaper for a cool lifestyle
loud colors or a lugubrious outlook
either way one can truly push the dial
this is no classroom for a  clean book

beyond reproach unusual and quirky
one may withdraw but that's ridiculous
what transpires is considerably lucky
for choices of the kit available is enormous

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  1. Another one of your wonderful poems with "Given Words". very creative Hank.


  2. this is no classroom for a clean book
    .. love that line!

  3. You had me at " putting pressure to sanity's benevolence".. I sometimes wonder if we are a bit too harsh upon ourselves?

  4. No sneering here. I'm all for books that get used and loved. I'm here for coloring outside the lines, taking chances, making mistakes and getting messy.

  5. "either way one can truly push the dial/this is no classroom for a clean book": Very well said, Hank! :-)

  6. I love everything unusual and quirky. Good one, Hank.

  7. This one is wonderfully booby-trapped with fantastic lines. The bit about sanity made me cackle, as I wondered if sanity often feels so overwhelmed that she starts hoping for a little "in".

  8. I came here looking for your reponse to the Sound Of Blues prompt on TOADS?

  9. I misunderstood that Tuesday on TOADS is an open link. My apologies, Now that I am straightened I like your post here, very much.

  10. Oh unusual and quirky is my cup of tea.

  11. Using and having things your own way is the way to be