Thursday, March 28, 2019

now lost in thoughts

                                                                            Author Rodrigo Della Fávera
Image: A Sad Girl (here)

the chosen words:
inseparable afternoon song bowl untried 
teasingly care dust shadows smudge  

just uprooted from the circle of friends
that kept her company in times of loneliness
inseparable most afternoons in noisy rants
forced on alone minding her own business

her loving Dad on transfer on promotion
to a locality far away from the songs and dance
she used to bowl gleefully over in teenage romps
now lost in thoughts groping in a trance

should she try to stir up the hornet's nest
in an untried cause of flirting and flaunting
teasingly uncaringly splayed in  the dust
endowed with good looks naughtily endearing?

coughing off restrictive shadows of doubt
mindful not to unwittingly smudge her Dad's
reputation as a law enforcer she was wrought
with a swirling of questions in her head

Sanaa at Real Toad's
Get Listed - late march edition


  1. Funny what trying to honor your lost Dad can lead to. Like this one, a good reputation can tumble because of the actions of his children. [Do you remember the song, "Teach Your Children by Crosby, Stills & Nash? Sort of reminded of that one here.]

  2. should she try to stir up the hornet's nest
    in an untried cause of flirting and flaunting

    You show an accurate understanding of the teenage phase of life in this poem.

  3. Teenagers sure can rebel and stir things up

  4. Ah the joys of teenage years. Great poem Hank.


  5. Ah the confusion and whirlwind of emotions in teenage and young adult years ❤️ so much goes on inside the mind as we struggle to find our footing in the world. Thank you so much for writing to the prompt, Hank.

  6. I never moved as a teenager or child and my parents were always understanding. But I understand teens can be quite the handful and resist any changes.

  7. Wonderfully done. Thank you for sharing this.

  8. The teen years are a hard time to move the family. I remember my youngest was impacted the first time I moved to Tofino when she was just thirteen. Yikes.

  9. Teen moves are so much more traumatic. Your friends are your life, and you still are not sure who you are. Great poem, Hank!

  10. ... thank goodness so far we have been lucky - no rebellious teenagers...