Sunday, March 3, 2019

strength to smallness of a creature

                                                                    Attribution: Stacy Magic Love Crow
Image  Stacy's 'Be Free' (here)

a feathery kind in flight
playing to the wind's aerodynamics
lighter than air
looking down on minions below
free to roam
as the crow flies
distance just a number

effective use by the vicious falcons
to knock their prey out of the sky
blessed by nature's choice

to accord strength to smallness
of  a creature
(55 words)

Carrie's Sunday Muse #45
Kerry's at Real Toad's  - art flash 55


  1. Nice lines, particularly this one I thought.
    "Playing to the wind's aerodynamics" . . :)

  2. One of her crow images! Excellent image for effective words.

  3. "blessed by nature's choice" its the way of creation, we do not question we manage at that level of existence anyway. With mankind we can reason, change and improve
    Interesting response Hank

    much love...

  4. I did not link to the usual weekend sites this weekend; still i invite you to drop by
    THEN MOON SMILED: a haiku fiction sequence

    much love...

  5. Very nice write for both prompts.

  6. Nature sure has a way of winning out

  7. I very much like the form of this poem. The use of 55 words restricts the poet but also calls for careful editing and choice of words. The end result is great.

  8. Hank, I like your line, "distance is just a number." Similarly, dogs, like most other animals, have no concept of time. Horses do have a concept of direction, measured as head to or away from their barn. In their eagerness the want to hurry fast going back home.

  9. "To accord strength in smallness" a beautiful line and truth. A lovely representation of the beautiful art Hank. Glad to also have learned the artist's name. She is amazing indeed.

  10. Your line "to accord strength to smallness
    of a creature rings true in humans to.

  11. As I read the last two stanzas, I saw the images like a movie in my head. I heard the screeching, the thump, the breaking... watched the smaller one being devoured by a version of the order of things.

  12. Oh this has visuals and sounds..I can see it and feel it.

  13. This was very lightbsnd poditive Kay. My impression of the monolith took me to a dark place.