Saturday, October 29, 2011

Texting Experience at its Best!

Process Notes: This is a real-life situation posted earlier
in prose form. I had it truncated and revamped as a texting drama.

                                                                                                       Attribution: Hank
Image1: Baby Naqip the subject of this drama held
by Daddy Hafidz. Taken Jul 31,2011 at one year old

                                                                                                      Attribution: Hank
Image2: Elder brother Nabil and sister Sarah
Ayesha taken on the same day.

Friday July 02, 2010 had been expected
to be just an ordinary day. It all started
in the morning when Norman and Kimie
(read: grandchildren) had their ‘Report Card’ day

Azlin, my eldest daughter
had dutifully accompanied her 2 boys
to confer with their respective teachers .
Parents were required to present themselves
for a one-to-one with the teachers
to gauge and discuss on
how they (the 2 boys) had 
fared during the term.

It was all well and good
I was supposed to pick them up later
in mid-morning as there would not
be any more classes for the rest of the day.

Then it happened!
My loving wife, Shadah
received a text message from
Hafidz, my elder son

'Qhaty’s in labour! '  

What?.. Now? …Gosh!
We knew Qhaty was in the family way
and it was ‘anytime now’ and it
was expected.

But not now! ....

It was still a surprise though
that it should be that morning.
Ok, ok, Shadah decided.
(in this sort of situations,
I would let her decide)
We’ll pick up Norman and Kimie
and then we'll go.

Hopefully we'll be in time.
From PJ, to Ampang Puteri Hospital ,
taking the DUKE highway would be a breeze.

Then another text, ‘ 7cm now. Baby otw’

To tell you the truth, I was not at all
knowledgeable nor familiar nor accustomed
to such technicalities.
But I could guess. It must be pretty soon.
Sure enough, before we could recover,
another text came,

'Baby boy safely arrivd naturally 2.96kg, 52cm. 
Mommy is doin fine. Happy and grateful!. Alhmdlh.’

We were relieved!. We were just
relieved. With a tinge of regret though
as we were not there when it happened.

Then another message . ‘It’s a boy! ‘

Maybe Hafidz was just as relieved
as us that he just couldn’t resist
 sending the confirmation again
or maybe he was just overwhelmed
with joy ‘

Come to think of it.
If there's none of the ubiquitous
hand phones and the corresponding
sms texting culture ,
as what we are having now,
life would have been pretty
much mundane and uninteresting!

Yes, I suppose so!

Submitted for d'Verse Call and Response


  1. What a drama, an exciting one. Certainly a call and response. Congratulations to the parents and grandparents. Boys are fun.

  2. haha yes it might be...or maybe would just find out in time like we used to and it would not be boring, just different...but it is cool to share in the excitement while it is happening...nice little bit of human drama in the techno age...

  3. Life wasn't so mundane and uninteresting before, Hank. It was just different. LOL
    Beautiful children!

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  4. What a lovely drama - texting can add to life's moments :)

  5. Oh yes you know my texting ways, from all my acronym plays. Can be quite interesting to get through as well, made for a great post though.

  6. smiles...almost a live experience..think it's def. nice nowadays...on the other hand, maybe it was more intimate before...maybe both has its pro's and con's

  7. Most enjoyable to read and so cleverly written
    Have a good day Hank.


  8. I prefer this to the previous post. It's tighter and more dramatic.

  9. Awesome. Congratulations to the parents and grandparents. :)Enjoy!

  10. techno & response....childbirth. what a scenario, good poem w/drama and suspense. well...what really is the telephone? has techno talking txt & sms pushed the common telephone into an adjancency ? i.e., another step into becoming cyborg? what media w/push txt & sms out of the way as the stranger?
    very good poem Hank.

  11. happy news... thanks for sharing this

    happy sunday ~

  12. Such lovely happy pictures and words to gladden anyone's heart.

  13. Such an exciting time to be able to share by texting. Congrats to all and blessing of a happy life to the little one.

  14. If THIS doesn't fit thee prompt! My goodness! What a wonderful pun intended. Thanks so much for sharing the delight, surprise, and celebration with us!

  15. My goodness, thank you so much for sharing this! I adore the poem, and the news :)