Saturday, October 1, 2011

An Icon

Picture Credit: Google Images


A heart throb
You came on the scene
Made a flash a fleeting appearance
Scared the daylights
Of peers and others around you
Rebel  Without A Cause

Oh! How they swooned and moan
Natalie was a gem
To hold you spellbound
Extended all the support
A pretty lass
Your following wanting more

The big names Hudson,Taylor
Were cast with you
But you stood tall
A couple of starring roles just
Written in the stars
Destined for fame
But alas,
That fateful day
In a moment of shocking encounter
The unbelievable
A disaster
A crash, a car crash
Snuffed the young life
A bright future already in hand
In the middle of the making
Of Giant, disrupting the scene
To save the day
A double was brought in

Shattered  the dreams of many
The teeny, the young and the old
A legend upon your demise
Obliterated from the scene though
But in place an icon was born
Untimely but never forgotten
Broken hearts aplenty
Dean, James Dean! 

Inspired by d'Verse Poetics with prompt Pop Art


  1. what a beautiful tribute to an outstandingly gifted artist..james dean surely stood for a new type of man at that time...think i need to watch rebel without a cause again..

  2. This is terrific-- crisp, clear language, very accessible and much care taken to bring JD back to life-- xxxj

  3. so sad to see them snuffed so young...great tribute piece to him...rebel without a cause is a fav!

  4. Yes, he was a very different kettle of fish to all the leading men and the Hollywood system he was so successful in for such a brief time. The bright lights never seem to shine as long as the dull bulbs. Great take, my friend.

  5. He was gone before I was barely aware of him. He was "method" and the harbinger of many more, not like him, but working in the method, changing the way we understand through acting, film, theater, and bringing edginess and realism to what was arch, overacted, framed. Good piece here. I enjoyed it.

  6. I always liked James Dean. Rebel Without a Cause. I had a crush on him bigtime. I was so sad when he died. I have heard 'only the good die young.' I wonder what his life would have brought if he had lived longer.

  7. A great tribute. James Dean is one of my fav studies of that time. Very good!

  8. I almost chose James Dean, too, so I'm glad you did :) My mother showed me all his movies when I was a teen, and I'm so glad she did. Love him, and this was a great tribute.

  9. Awesome. I should make this kind of thing man. Thanks for the idea..

  10. This is beautifully written. I enjoyed it although it made me sad. Good pick on the prompt (I think, I did not come from dVerse today).

  11. Nice take on the prompt - James Dean was way before my time :).

  12. I was fascinated with James Dean when I was young. Cool write!

  13. I saw all Jamee's films when younger, you have made an excellent job in writing about him.
    Thanks for sharing.


  14. poetic tribute to JD ...
    lovely it is... beautifully picked words and the feel n warmth hidden is overwhelming :)

    Awesome !!!

  15. Movies you know I can do, great tribute by you. Was gone to early indeed.

  16. It is always a shocked when accidents happen esp to those who are just starting to make their life wonderful.


  17. a very nice tribute to him... too bad he died so young ~

  18. There does seem to be a lot of swooning and mooning with pop culture. Nice pick...