Friday, October 28, 2011

A New Father

A poignant moment of a new father with baby
(Picture Credit: Google Images)

Can I Manage?

A quagmire of thoughts
Running wild in all its putrid form
Porous and extending its abhorrent self
Can I  rightly manage its soul

Give me a respite
To thwart its impregnable form
A fabric of my imagination
Holding true to my strength

I can do it at my own time
My fervent hope to unravel  its wicked self
To falter is presumptuous
For I know my strength

Bid my beloved
Heavenly is all in the excitement
I’m having a baby, a father
An epoch making event

Envisaged of divine benevolence
I’m enthralled, shrieking in awesome gratitude
Never in my life
I hope it’s a boy!

Submitted for d'Verse Meeting- the- Bar - Conflation


  1. This was lovely it took me back to when I was expecting my first(the one who don't want me) My husband was so excited and was over the moon when Rob was born, Then we had another son then a daughter, she was known as Daddies Baby right until the night he passed away.
    I loved the flow of words and could imagine what you were writing. An excellent write Hank.


  2. An epoch making event. It seemed to me you wrote your heart out. It took me to how my husband must have felt when were expecting. - This is me Hank, in my other form :) - malas nak sign out :)

  3. it defintiely changes your world in ways you never understand unless you have been is exciting and scary all at once...

  4. Never been there as of yet, but you described the experience giving me a glimpse.

  5. So many different thoughts when one is looking forward to being a parent for the first time. Your poem captured the fear and the anticipation SO well.

  6. i love this again Pareng Hank... Good work again!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


    btw, thanks for the words, my vocabulary have increased again...

  7. excitement and anxiety.. you captured the feelings of a new father or mother...nice one ~

  8. Really well done, resonated with me. I'll be sharing with my husband as I think he will really find a common thread there too as a Daddy!

  9. Great contrasts within the emotional core of your poem, well done.

  10. Something that always touches me to the core is when I see a father holding or caressing his child. Last Sunday at church I sat behind a young man with his infant girl and two other children. Watching how he gave attention to each of them was the best prayer I could have asked for.

  11. Responsibility is indeed a quagmire, but love finds the path when the heart is sincere and focused. (Your last line is very honest.But I hope a girl would be just as joyful an event.) ;_)

  12. yeah - brought me right back to when my first child was born..i was so afraid..thought i never manage to be a "real" mother...but we grow with them..having kids is the thing in life i would never want to miss

  13. one of your best Hank !!
    brilliantly composed n summed up.

  14. when i was becoming a parent, I just read and read and planned and planned. didn't give myself time to be confused and wonder. :)

  15. The wonders of having a baby. Brings back great memories. Great read.

  16. You really captured that mix of joy and terror.

  17. Brilliant write! Scary stuff, parenthood!

    Anna :o]

  18. An amazing transformation, this becoming a parent. Neat poem.

  19. Hank, lovely disclosure of the fears and feelings of impending fatherhood. I have almost the exact same picture of Riley's dad on the right, head bending over one-day-old daughter. I gasped when I saw the pic!

    Good work, Hank. Love it. Amy (snark alert---)

  20. the expectant father's first-time feelings...kinda scary, no? for it's a shape-shifting event...thing's change (permanently)!

    this poem catches some of those 'mixed' feelings a father will have....and there are as many as one can imagine. Nice poem, Hank.

    (BTW, congrats...if this indeed is happening)

  21. I agree brilliant; a chance at a second childhood! A piece of your heart will walk someday and talk, outside of your soul. It is an amazing view of the world! Sharing discoveries, dreams and hopes...Congrats if this is you!
    Well Done~ I do love the joy n' hesitation in your poem, real, as it should be ;D

  22. You bring it all back to me! Nice to get it from the male perspective. :