Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Image1: Granite Statue of Martin Luther King Jr
Picture Credit: Google Images  

Last Sunday at the dedication ceremony
In West Potomac Park in Washington DC
There assembled mostly African Americans
In honor of one who galvanized the aspirations
Of a movement in the 60s, one Martin Luther King Jr

A massive statue carved out of white granite
The likeness of King gazing out arms folded
Over a people still in conflict until recently
None other than President Obama himself
Who gracefully officiated at the ceremony
A President who raised the bar, epitomizing the zenith
Of the Americans as we know of them now as a people
Standing tall irrespective of race and creed but united

In his bid for a second term of a struggle incomplete of
A country out of recession and the formidable Republicans
We can only stand in awe of him tackling issues inherited
Compounded with economic woes looming of the EEC
Come November 2012 we can only wait and see!


  1. it will def be an intersting political season...i really hope the issues come to the forefront beyond the scramble for positions...i was originally going to the dedication before it was rescheduled by the hurricane a few months ago...

  2. I think we are still in conflict, but agree our current President shows how far Rev King's movement has progressed. And yes, we'll just have to see what happens next in the next election--I can't say I feel good about the way it's shaping up as of now.

    Thanks for the pic of that statue--he was a great man.

  3. good prose piece -- a paean to a remarkable man (MLK). Can't say too much against my cousin (Mr. Obama), but so far, he's still got me behind him.

    But, MLK stands alone on the pedestal of heroic men, in my opinion..what an orator! and a man of letters! He hasn't reached his stature in history may take another generation.

    good piece.

  4. He was a great leader and this is a great tribute.

  5. Thanks for this, Hank. He was a wonderful person.
    I once through someone out of a house where I was looking after three children because she called him "that nigger"! She's lucky I didn't break a chair over her head. I told her I wouldn't have anyone talking like that around those kids, or around me, for that matter. Imagine. It was early '82 and I still get mad when I think about the casual way she used that word, as if I would think it okay or something. Grrr.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  6. Great tribute indeed and God only knows what will happen next, probably more empty promises, but who knows.

  7. an awesome poetic tribute :)
    Loved it

  8. Well expressed Pareng Hank!

    Back when i was in the Philippines, i am always prompt with US elections as we are their ally in that area. Now that i am here in Canada, i am more concern about what's gonna happen.

    Wishing them the best of the coming elections!

    Pareng JJ

  9. A strong post indeed, very well done.

  10. Don't want to get into politics, but it is wonderful that we finally have elected a black president in my opinion. And MLK was indeed and honorable man with a great vision. Like JFK, I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when I heard he had been murdered...... Great photo, I hadn't seen this before, very impressive...