Thursday, October 6, 2011


 Image1 : Migratory birds in formation flying south

 Image2: A mockingbird, one of the migratory kinds.

Image3: A heron with a fine pose, resting by the water
Picture Credit: Google Images

Annual Happenings

With the impending end of Autumn and approaching cold weather, the annual migration is slated to begin. In our part of the world we are privileged to see them frolicking in the lakes en route south. Colorful species of varied sizes and shapes just for a few days and off again.

Flying  just above
Flair for the right direction
Led in formation

Instinct plays its part
Heading south with a purpose
Bright, cool warm colors

Tired bones rested
Vast waters in the tropics
Innocent frolics

To escape the cold
In an annual pilgrimage
Of varied plumage

Note: Going by the info, this is more of  Haiku than Senryu.

Submitted for Sensational Haiku Wednesday.with prompt - Flair
                     d'Verse Haiku and Senryu


  1. These are good. Very good. Excellent images to accompany them.

  2. Wish I could go too, sprout some wings and join their crew. The Mighty Ducks flying V, had to throw in a movie reference from me..haha

  3. Wish I could write haiku the way you do. Love these all! My fave is the first. "Innocent frolics" made me smile. Oh, and thanks for the plural bit on haiku. I'll go edit.

  4. when the right time comes... ill just gonna be like this birds. home in the winter... nice post Pareng Hank!


  5. I can't help but think your haiku is about migratory people...resting their tired bones after every trip they make. I love those photos, Hank. Each one is perfect.

  6. An awesome read once again... deep, meaningful !!

    Loved it Hank.

  7. Love the migratory patterns of birds....and we get to see them here coming from Europe and Siberia, as it is never very cold!!
    The Flamingos,Herons Egrets and a large number of other varieties!! Awesome post!!

  8. I love the photos and the poetry, Hank. I say the same thing about birds that some people say about art: "I don't know much about birds, but I know what I like"!!

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

    PS: I've decided I'd better follow your blog so I don't miss anything.

  9. I love birds. Great subject matter for Haiku too.

  10. escaping the cold sounds like a good plan..wish i could fly with them...

  11. Birds are beautiful. :D

  12. you took me on a long beautiful journey with them!

  13. Senryu are about people, and can have urban settings.. These are nature poems and are much closer to haiku. If you would be willing to lose the 5/7/5 (the least important feature of haiku) you could get even closer, e.g.

    heading south
    bright, cool warm colours

  14. I love them as they are, the imagery and flow are beautiful.


  15. Migratory birds provide such rich metaphors; my favorite is the Arctic Tern. These are lovely with stunning photographs, thank you.

  16. I'm ready to fly! Thought this wonderful!

  17. vivid capture of migrations in terms of seasons changes.

    well done.

  18. I believe in the Japanese there are many bird species in the saijiki (list of seasonal words). I like the way you gave us such a wide angle picture while talking about the birds and their migration. Well done.

  19. wish i could rest tired bones in warm places...smiles. well played haiku and perspectives on the birds habits...and nice shots as well....

  20. Kay, I tried 7 times to comment on your James Dean post, now I've finally fixed the whole blogger issue. I love your part because I have a huge affinity for birds. And the images are superb.

  21. Oh I really like the way you did this. Very nicely set up and perhaps it's just my not having seen too many like yours, it seems a very unique take on the form-one I really like a lot. Thanks

  22. your subject and your haiku both have marvelous flare!

  23. I really like these, they're full of a sense of the life of nature that goes on around us and that we too often ignore. Birds are fascinating, and your poems and pictures show them off well.

  24. I like this annual migration of the birds...enjoyed the nature haiku set and pictures ~

    My haiku/senryu set is here:

  25. What a lovely journey, thank you.
    As we suffer with Autumn winds and rain I wouldn't mind migrating somewhere warm.

  26. Wish I could join their tired bones for some R&R in the tropics!

    Great pix. And words. Thanks, Hank~!

  27. 'Flair' well chosen word.
    instinct -a fixed pattern of behaviour drives beneath the imagery with the word 'purpose'; as do 'tired bones' and 'innocent frolics' with the only acts of a freedom or willfulness outside of Nature's definition of Role (embedded within Instincts).

    Annual pilgrimage makes it pseudo-religious.

    nice poem....thank you.

  28. just swinging through on a saturday to see if you had something up...hope you have a great weekend!

  29. I love the combination of the images and the poetry. Wonderful piece.