Thursday, March 30, 2023

The world is waiting to be discovered

                                                                                         Author: Sarah Whiley
Image:  Waiting to be discovered (here)

the 12 given words:
cousin dots mouth take down back button 
mistress charismatic jagged wave delight 

The world is waiting to be discovered,
With language to guide, we are offered
A cousin's smile, sweet and bright,
The dots on the page, sitting tight.

With a mouth that speaks in poetry,
We will weave a tale bound to be,
Something spectacular in all probability
Take a step down this path with me,
And let's explore what we can see,

But don't turn your back just yet,
For there's a button to be felt
Worthy of a mistress so charismatic,
Her stories flow, dramatic and quick

So let's ride this jagged wave of sound,
Just so we are hidden and not easily found
A delight to your ears, and your soul,
A touch of emotion that takes control.

Linda at d'Verse OLN0#335-i-said-yes
weejars at MLMM photo challenge#459
MMT at Sunday's Whirligig.wordle#416.


  1. Oh so captivating Hank!! 🙂 I invite you to come read my OLN offering tonight on my site — and to experience my wife Kathy’s profound love affair with nature, which is currently hampered by her newly discovered cancer. She goes into the UW Fred Hutch Cancer Center April 22nd for a multi-hour regimen of robotics surgery on her neck and throat area. Post Op will put her in ICU for Four days. Please keep Kathy, my love, in your thoughts. Thank you… ✌🏼🕊🫶🏼❣️

  2. Let us explore... there is always more to be seen