Friday, July 24, 2020

never to face the onslaught head-on

                                                                                              Author Zeynel Cebeci
Image: Sea Daffodils (here)

the 11 of 12 given words:
someone explain harder give incoherent 
dementia quit longtime friend knows, advice

does it need someone to explain
how do the daffodils face the blast
high winds a prelude to heavy rain
harder for the inexperienced to grasp

never to face the onslaught head-on
give in,  the way the daffodils relent
incoherent dementia-like seeking a bond 
not to quit helping a longtime friend

knows how to extend counsel and advice
to forgive a noble act not readily sought
maturity an element absent on the unwise
blessings of divine intervention not to avoid 

MMT's  at the Whirligig #276 
Mish at d'Verse OLN #270


  1. This was a pure joy to read you come up time and time again with subjects that touch the heart also outlines everyday issues.
    Enjoy your weeknd and keep safe and well.


  2. Just like the daffodils, we must bend and sway a bit to survive the storm.

  3. Flowers and other plants are well designed to combat most situations as survival is so important. However they try oo make sure by having lots of offspring!