Monday, July 24, 2017

Holding out and not nervous in any way

                                                                                               Attribution: Eden Hill
Image: Standing its Grounds (here)

10 of 12 given words:
vacant permeates read clip shine 
abash (v)) to destroy the self-confidence make ashamed or embarrassed)
salvage sag nervous
trenchancy (adj.)) incisive or caustic vigorous; effective; energetic)

You may detect a vacant look
That permeates a fertile cow's mind
May have read in a familiar book
Clipping on an outright shine

Unabashed in its intentions
To salvage a sagging intensity
Nowhere its self-confidence
Lacks the much-touted sincerity

Its static and forthright demeanour
Standing tall against attempts to portray
A trenchancy animal has known before
Holding out and not nervous in any way

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  1. Very well put Hank, your message comes over so well.


  2. A great flow as away you go. Cows sure give that look, and can leave a mighty big pattie at ones nook.

  3. Nice contemplation on that cow's stare.
    Thanks for dropping by and linking in at Monday Writes Hank

    Much love...

  4. I really like this cow's face! Great writing too!

  5. Love the cows face. Of course I enjoyed reading your poem too.

  6. Thank you for sharing your best with us, Hank

  7. You are a real master at this, Hank. (do I detect a little dark humor as the end)

  8. Amazing use of the prompt words!

  9. Cows. I love cows. esp. when they just look at you and ruminate.
    "Holding out and not nervous in any way" Great!