Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Had he the strength to overcome?

                                                                                             Author: Pingz Man
Image: Sad looking Soul (here)

3WW given words:
decaying ember fragrant

Midweek Motif  -  love

Prophetic of his fear in those
dying moments of regret he could
only lament pulsating embers
decaying in his senses

Clamoring tenaciously for a hold
it sustained soft whiffs of fragrant
thoughts of love that ran
through in his hurting heart

Had he the strength to overcome
Had he the resolve to sink his pride?
It could not be a moment better!

He must muster his strength to
rekindle the heat of the past few days
still simmering of Happy Valentine

Have a heart!
He could discern the faint insistence

Thomg's 3WW #319
Susan's at PU's Midweek Motif
Lillian's at d'Verse's  -  have-a-heart


  1. It's always a good day when there is plenty
    of love left over from former days.

  2. I liked the line "Had he the resolve to sink his pride?"

  3. Having that extra bit of love from before and pushing on is a win indeed

  4. Did he live? The cat, I mean. I'm sure that the love did!

  5. Nice contrast between the decaying embers in the first stanza and the simmering of Valentine's Day. The cat looks a bit angry to me.

  6. This is so beautifully deep and eloquent!

  7. Love this prompt mashup...and the sound crunch of "must muster." :)