Saturday, April 25, 2015

V for Vacation of a Lifetime (YH#10)

                                                                                                    Attribution: LZ6387
Image1: The Ingeborg Schooner (here)
(Hank says - This is not the schooner but similar perhaps)

This is the Modern Day Explorer #10
The Modern Day Explorer #9 (here)

A Poem (a haiku) to accompany OP Yusuf's narration
(A Haiku is a non-rhyming form of a 5-7-5 syllable count)

Off to Greenland get
to know Eskimos perhaps
stay in an igloo

Experience sailing
in a schooner which is not
easy to come by

Yusuf throws in a
few days in Iceland a two
in one experience!

There you have it! Not just a vacation not any ordinary
vacation but a vacation of a lifetime!

Yes! STOP PRESS Release!

Yusuf Hashim explorer extraordinaire extended his invitation to
bloggers through his comment (here). The extract is given in full below:

Yusuf Hashim  April 24, 2015 at 1:33 AM
I'm returning to Iceland from 1-8 September 2015, en route 
to a sailing Expedition in Greenland. Wanna come ? All are 
invited, but places are limited. The schooner can only take 
10 people including me ....

There you are! Hank will contact Yusuf to let us know how best for
bloggers to go about to get their interests registered. It has to be
direct to Yusuf certainly.

Extract of latest info from Yusuf Hashim's Facebook posting

Yusuf Hashim added 11 new photos.
April 24 at 7:33pm · Edited ·

The Early Bird Applications for my Greenland Expedition from 9-17 September 2015 is OPEN. Only 10 places are available.

As an appetizer, and because we have to fly to Greenland from Iceland, I am also doing a short repeat PhotoSafari to Iceland from 1-8 September 2015. Also limited places to this amazing Island of Fire and Ice.

If you are an Early Bird, you could get discounts of upto US$1500 (terms and conditions apply) . Message me your email address and I will give you a link to download the Information Pack and the Early Bird Application Forms. The info pack should be ready and available by tomorrow morning. Still need to cross the Ts and dot the i. Miss Aurora awaits you in Iceland and Greenland.

Photos attached were all shot in Greenland from on board a schooner by my buddy Iurie Belegurschi, who will co-lead these two photosafaris with me. Iurie is a Nat Geo class photographer who was coaching us how to shoot the Aurora during our recent two photosafaris to Iceland. I've already booked the 65 tons Schooner that we will use as our private floating hotel, as we explore Greenland's massive fjords where the waters are so calm that they are almost glassy smooth. If we are lucky, we can expect whales to breech along side our schooner, polar bears on Ice Floes, sea lions, Arctic Birds and of course simply magical icescapes. Miss Aurora could also surprise us at night. Our meals will be taken on board, prepared by our schooner's chef. Only 10 berths available and applications accompanied by deposits will be given priority.

Promo from Yusuf Hashim

Yusuf Hashim says - We'll use smaller Zodiac boats to go on land and visit some 
of the most remote hunting communities in Greenland. Accessible only in Summer

Yusuf Hashim says -Dusk in Greenland ... a photo that can only be shot by those adventurous enough to join my EXPEDITION to Greenland from 8-17 Sep 2015

Yusuf Hashim says - Mr Polar Bear on an Ice Floe in Greenland. Shot from our Floating Hotel

Yusuf Hashim says - A magical sunset shot from our schooner in Greenland

For A to Z April Challenge - V
and Mary's hosting at PU's Poetry Pantry #249


  1. Excellent Hank, wonderful words for a "V" letter.

    Enjoy your week-end.

  2. sounds cold, thank you Hank for extending the offer, it would be really interesting to be on board and follow his trip through you Hank

  3. The cold and I don't see eye to eye, but sure it would be a fun time

  4. That would be an amazing experience, wow ~

  5. You rock with your haiku and that photo!

  6. An adventure of a lifetime sums it up well

  7. amazing nature and an adventure beckoning all.............

  8. This is absolutely amazing..!! :D
    Loved it!

  9. This is certainly a vacation to remember! Iceland seems a mysterious island because it is so far north and has all these volcanoes.

  10. Well, this may be a great experience....but I think I would like somewhere warmer! Smiles.

  11. I amazing once in a lifetime experience....and those photos take my breath away...perfect poem for V.

  12. vacation of a lifetime

  13. I think filling your vacation with adventure is the best way to return with strength.. I have thought about the things to do for such a thing...

  14. now that sounds like a wonderful trip indeed... wow

  15. that would be an amazing experience indeed.

  16. It's on my planner for 2016! You've brought a bit closer.

    Keith's Ramblings

  17. The haiku are yummy, especially the first... But your background is fantastic. I kept on hearing it in my head as if coming out of a loud speaker.

  18. Wow - Hank that would be the trip of a lifetime...but, the cold weather does not work well for me. Still a wonderful adventure. Hank will you go?

    1. Would love to but no, not this time. Perhaps some others later


    2. Well let me know if he goes somewhere warm..smiling..I would love to hear of your adventures if you go Hank.

  19. This would be a most magical experience.

  20. I always dream of shooting the aurora. Hopefully in this lifetime I can experience it.

    The haiku is anticipitang hard the coming adventure, Hank. Hope you can join it and share your adventure with us.

  21. Whew! One's heart soars at the mere prospect. And more beautiful photographs. Wonderful!

  22. Wow, the adventure of a lifetime... and having bloggers, who have so many talents, so much intuitive knowledge... amazing. If they gave scholarships, I would SO be on board, LOL. Hank, we look forward to hearing about your trip! Tell Yusuf I wish you all smooth sailing and fantastic travels. Love, Amelita

    1. Hank hopes to follow the journey throughout the duration. It will be fantastic scenes again!


  23. Lovely photos and haiku! I love a great vacation. :)

  24. Great poem. Well thought out words for the prompt.

  25. Hank,

    A magnificent opportunity for some lucky voyager. Unfortunately, I'm out of spare time, even for this great vacation.
    Lovely images...