Wednesday, March 18, 2015

a tumultuous moment that had his heart racing

                                                                                      Attribution: Marlene Oostrvck
Image: al fresco Dining (here)

The given words:
3WW : annoy hushed pain
Poets United : sun

Guarded steps walking slowly
he plonked himself
Sat down glad to have secured a seat
al fresco ambiance sipping coffee
that should be fun to while away

The sun shone down
peeping through the clouds
He looked around the sea of people
Hoping to catch the waiter's attention
He wanted his coffee

He suddenly then realized
She was there as well
Sitting barely a pole way
but not facing him

He had not seen her when he arrived
Pleasantly surprised to see her there
Sitting nonchalantly all by herself
A tumultuous moment that had his heart racing
The same feeling when they parted company
but that was a decade ago

But why now
Why the same reaction
Why the same feeling

Did she choose to annoy him before
Was it deliberately done?
And now fate played a hand
Still to annoy him by having her there

He kept thinking
He had remained single all these years
Not wanting someone else to take her place
They did not keep contact though

Perhaps fate was trying to play Cupid
Wanting them to make up
Should he approach her
He was at odds
Yes, he should for old time's sake.

He was just about getting up
and she did as well

Then a shrill cry
of a little girl permeated the air
A cute 3 year-old
appeared out of no where
rushed into her arms
followed by a handsome looking guy
They hugged
a threesome
oblivious of the crowd

A hushed silence fell over him
It pained him
Unwittingly she still chose to annoy him

He quietly walked away
He would get his coffee some place else!

For Thomg's hosting at 3WW week #419
and Susan's at Poetry United's Midweek Mptif - the sun


  1. Good story, Hank, if not exactly sun-centered or containing a sun motif or imagery. The ambiance of this place changed in an instant--and a heart started and stopped again.. Ouch.

  2. Sometimes you have to wake up..smell the coffee...take in the sunshine and find another coffee shop! Nicely done Hank

  3. aw how sad hopefully he'll put that past relationship to rest though now and find a new one.

  4. Great but sad story, excellently written and a pleasure to read.

  5. What a psychological drama here, Hank! Intriguing story...

  6. "Find another coffee shop" might be a good metaphor for life in general. Our time is too short to waste on either fantasies or grudges.

  7. I love the imagery in your poem!

  8. Oh this is a well told story - him quietly moving away unseen........sad.

  9. Foolish man! Ten years is a long time and did he not think she would be wiser than him and move on? I loved the setting of poem, how you told and the feelings aroused but they were all in his mind not hers.

  10. Time for the guy to move on indeed, she sure did.

  11. A soul stirring story, Hank. Great setting...I could picture it in my mind. So lovely!

  12. at least there was closure now... hope he can find someone to share his coffee with :-)

  13. Sometimes we just have to learn to let go.

  14. Nice story Hank ~ Maybe its time to move on, smiles ~


  15. Hank,

    At first reading, I expected that fairy-tale ending..The reality of course is closer to the real pains in relationships and life..An awkward meeting, with sunshine not noticed in the end!!



  16. Wonderfully told Hank, he quietly fades into the sad..

  17. The pain of the old flame, great story poem.

  18. Sad story, but ture to life. The sun will shine eventually.

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  20. Aww. What a sweet, sad story. Though I hope that after this he would be able to move on himself -- finally. It sounds like it's time.