Thursday, March 5, 2015

A mother’s pride!

                                                                 Attribution: Tully & Toril Collaboration 
Image: Four Good Eggs (here)

strength in numbers
not alone in this world
blue rounded nuggets
imposing their will
a mother’s pride

tended with care
warmth of comfort
beneath the belly
for just a few days
extending power
and purpose
to break open
and face the world

beginnings of infant life
discerned through movements
eyes closed jostling for position
mouth open to receive
nature’s goodness

berries worms depending
on mother bird’s guile
feeding the young
among the chirpings
a mother’s pride!

For Margaret's hosting - Art
with Toril at Real Toads


  1. "extending power
    and purpose
    to break open
    and face the world"
    Such a marvelous purpose for the fragile egg, givien time and nurture. Truly a mother's pride.

  2. A mother gets them through from start to finish.

  3. smiles...where would we be without our mothers..
    it is such a connection in those first breathes of life....
    and we can always turn to them in need...

  4. Wonderful poem Hank, every mother has her pride, however they turn out in life.

  5. You described it all so beautifully, absolutely true what their mother will feed them they will become strong or weak depending upon it.

  6. As a mother, I have to say that particular piece fills my heart with warmth and love. The warmth and love I have for my children. It's unconditional and yes, I am filled with pride for the beautiful life I've helped bring into this world. I guess you could say, it's art at it's finest! Definitely something to be proud of! Thank you for sharing such a beautiful heartwarming piece!