Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Rustling of leaves in the open

                                                                                                    Artist : Josh Silburt
Imaage: Windy Day Killarney (here)

Rustling of leaves in the open
A tell tale sign it is around
Can feel but not outwardly visible
Unlike raindrops with resulting ripples

Sudden coolness whets the skin
Akin to a shower in the morning
A blessing that nature can offer
Unbuttoned coat is such a wonder

Winds of change is for the better
To bring them all to a level higher
Got wind of it often a surprise
Better or worse only later realized

Long-winded elements mark of a bore
Pushing one to make for the door
Knock the winds off their sails
Better option when all else fail

Sick outcome when Giant came on the scene
Last glimpses of heart-throb James Dean
Snuffed of life as those of hurricanes
When sadly Vanuatu recently felt the pain

For Kathleen's hosting at d'Verse
Poetics: winds of March


  1. I like the winds of change but not the long-winded talk ~ Those whiff of coolness is certainly welcome, as well as the warming spring ~

    Thanks for joining in Hank ~

  2. Spring is in the wind and an unbuttoned coat is a wonder!
    Love the last verses with the different idioms and references for wind.
    And praying for all those affected by the devastating hurricane - such horrible destruction.

  3. I liked the playful verse, but got a bit confused in the last verse; if heart throb Dean was/is James Dean, the epic last film was GIANT, not GONE WITH THE WIND starring Clark Gable, whose last movie was THE MISFITS. Or you might have meant something else entirely; the magic of responses to poetry.

    1. You're very right Glenn. Gosh how did it happen. Thanks a lot! I'll correct it shortly!


  4. ha. taking the wind out of thier sails might be the best thing indeed...some people need that...it is def nice to be able to unbutton the coat a bit...a bit of a cool breeze here today

  5. Taking the wind out of long winded bores...but let that hot air out the window! But spring coming with those unbuttoned coats! Based on Glenn's comment and your response, that verse no longer confuses me. And a wind of change to get us to a higher level - excellent. Hayes Spencer is Kanzensakura

  6. sometimes I run into those who are long winded and wish I could knock the wind outta them so they can shut up... oy. lol. overall excellent :)

  7. So many things that could be said about the wind.. and so much about Vanatu.. change that is sometimes good and sometimes less so.

  8. An excellent poem Hank, a pleasure to read.

  9. Reference to James Dean made me think - without the wind, would heart throbs walk in that heart stopping manner? And would the girls wave their hair so nonchalantly?

    The art of flirting would die.

  10. One way or another we all have to adapt to those winds of change. Those leaves never stop rustling...

  11. i have to confess that i had to look up first where vanuatu is located when i heard about it in the news... so sad when wind and waves hit with such destructive force... i think though that it is our own fault and maybe a payback for what we do to our planet in our carelessness

  12. You bring so many disparate strands together. I like the way you take on some cliches and subvert them, too!

  13. Some people need the wind knocked out of them to wise them up some days.

  14. Winds of change can sometimes take one to a higher level, but it can also
    knock them down. I guess one needs balance when the wind is blowing about.