Monday, March 2, 2015

breaking for a wild one was basic!

                                                                             Author: Francois Schmmer               
Image: Alexander taming Bucephalus (here)

The MLMM given words:
madcap (wildly impulsive, heedless) aureole (a halo)
flagellation (flogging, associated most frequently
with BDSM or religious penitence) craven (cowardly)
blister howl accident strap gnaw scale victim shelf

A madcap of a trainer
Wanting a saintly aureole
over his head to signal success
in his calling

Flagellation on the horse was
a normal occurrence

The riding crop in a craven
manner lashed intermittently
left and right on bare ribs
raising blisters but dismissed
as not being cruel
the hides were thick enough
to take the punishment

Howls of laughter were no accident
for the trainer and on-lookers
A jockey’s whip was thought
to be abusive but
breaking for a wild one was basic
The saddle straps gnawed
To a scale that made one cringe

No holds barred
Lest the trainer could turn
out to be to be the victim
unable to produce winners

To be left on the shelf as
a stable-boy was no option

For Georgia's hosting at Mindlovemisery's
Menagerie Wordle # 50


  1. Tame the wild beast or go home! Great story you wove from that picture, Hank.

  2. To tame or be tamed..amazing poem you created with the word prompt.

  3. Well done adding the historical painting and an odd set of words.

    Thanks for your visit. :)

  4. Tame or get tamed, the way of life in many a way

  5. you are great at painting words from a picture Hank, Sir

  6. Well done on a great poem, excellently written Hank.

  7. Very vivid Hank, such cruelty to try and break another living creatures spirit

    mindlovemisery aka Yves

  8. Either tame the wild one or get kicked out for not doing your job ~ Poor horse :-(

  9. This is another one which is way beyond my reach of understanding. I applaud because I know you have come this far, way beyond my reach. I congratulate you, Hank

  10. Some beasts weren't meant to be tamed but were meant to be free and unadorned. Unbridled, and we can choose to let this life break us, or we can simply refuse to be broken! Oh how thought provoking this is! Always appreciative of your work Hank. Well done!