Friday, January 21, 2022

it could be the last straw

                                                                                                     Author: Charles J. Sharp  
Image: come what may! (here): 

10 of 12 given words:
cool think purple straw world 
drown mouth rattle disheveled sulk 

the dreamy faraway look
attesting to something cool he thought
but it is so worrying

to let bygones be bygones
not to lose sleep
so he decided 
not the time to think about it

could end up purple with rage 
he could already anticipate
it could be the last straw

what in the world is happening
there were times he asked himself
he would not want to bother with it
to drown the worries 
to reduce the stress
his mouth is short of revealing the truth
he could readily rattle it off
but it was not him to rekindle the old hurts

disheveled in thoughts 
the wound might just fester
that he would not like to happen

it had involved third parties before
those dear to his heart
he was not there to sulk
he could afford to extend the reach
there must be a finality
come what may!

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  1. I think better to get it all out than sink in the weight of what's in!

  2. This is such an intriguing piece. I can relate in a way.

  3. I agree - better not to let things fester!

  4. Speaking the truth may hurt, but sometimes it is necessary to either heal or move on. I like how you showed the stream of consciousness that one goes through in deciding whether or not to speak it.

  5. I agree it is a difficult decision.

  6. Truth, rage... it is all hard to let seether inside... on the other hand it will cause harm when it comes out in any way,