Friday, December 20, 2019

it is bright and breezy good for a fling

                                                                                                   Attribution: MLMM's
Image: A Whole Range to Choose (here)

That is the ugliest sweater I have ever seen
and you have to choose that for yourself!
but.. but you can well imagine
there was a whole range on the shelf

surely there's something more forgiving
the colour glaringly stands out 
but. it is bright and breezy good for a fling
especially on boys' night out but is it too loud?

yes, I must say so, your loving wife here knows best
perhaps we can put it to test
if you must say so, let's ask Anne
our daughter will surely give a fair comment

yes, mindful though Anne always imagine her father's will
so you may not get the real feel

Marian's at Real Toads - imagine
Dylan's at MLMM's - First Line Friday Dec 20th, 2019
“That is the ugliest sweater I have ever seen"


  1. Christmas sweaters bring a smile. I have gotten through my whole life never wearing one. Amazing, as my mom used to call me the Ho Ho Kid, I loved Christmas so much.

  2. A fun read, Hank. I hope it wasn't really you though, that you wrote about.
    MERRY CHRISTMAS HANK, to you and YOURS !!!

  3. In honor of you and your poem, I am pulling my ugly Christmas sweater out of the closet and wearing it this evening!

  4. haha - We had an ugly Christmas sweater day at work.

  5. If it's that ugly, I hope at least it is comfortable! :) Merry Christmas

  6. I miss the opportunity of wearing an ugly Christmas sweater.. with our 100F temperatures down in Africa.

  7. Love this poem, a sonnet no less! This is a real thing, a real conundrum, and honestly if I were Anne I would be encouraging defiance of the ugly sweater rule. I hate that trend! Hate it. Ugly and awful! But your poem is wonderful :)

  8. If it is a once a year sweater let him indulge himself a little, so long he doesn't wear it for the rest of the year!

  9. LOL, I've seen some doozies of sweaters. I think my son wants to add an ugly Hanukkah sweater to his collection eventually.

  10. On Friday it was ugly Christmas sweater day... I saw a few, and wore one quite ugly... all other days of the year you would never dare.

  11. I've seen some not so good looking Christmas sweaters whilst shopping. Loved the post Hank.