Sunday, December 8, 2019

dilemma of a younger sister

                                                                                 Artist: Julia Margaret Cameron.
Image: Sadness (here)

Tossing and turning all night
The night skies were black as coal
Heaven’s doors seemed shut tight
How was she to tell her and be bold
Her tears flowed freely onto the pillow
Broke her heart and she felt hollow

She was to accompany her sister to the airport
Together shedding tears in sadness and laughing at play
An elder sister, a mentor and a friend for support
She would not have it any other way

They were to receive John
Only yesterday her sister had confided in her
She just could not wait to be in John’s arms
John, their neighbor before
Her sister’s childhood buddy
but on a hot and cold relationship only

John had confessed his feelings
for her barely six months ago
There should not therefore be anything
going between him and her sister so
she thought until yesterday

Her sister broke the news about John’s
homecoming and it broke her heart
For John had informed her the week before
of his homecoming himself  but never
mentioning about wanting to meet her sister

She could imagine both of them rushing
the moment he stepped into view
with both wanting to hug him

Must she tell her?
Must she give way?
Must she go to the airport at all?

Rommy at PU's Pantry of poetry and prose #17


  1. Oh, now I wamnt to know what happened. Hopefully, he hugged both of them and honoured his word to the older sister.

  2. Very interesting story. I too would love to know what happened.

  3. Hopefully there were hugs for all and a lot of understanding.

  4. So many unanswered questions! But life is like that at times.

  5. It sounds like it won't end on a happy note, I feel like someone will be hurt.

  6. There's plenty more fish in the sea. When they meet him he will probably tell them how good it is to see them but he does have girlfriend in the town where he works and so both will be disappointed!

  7. I enjoyed reading this story poem.

  8. Oh gosh, what a cliff-hanger! You sucked me right in.

  9. Sounds like for at least someone it isn't going to be a happy ending.

  10. How intriguing … a cliff hanger of a poem.