Friday, December 6, 2019

being connected enhances the bastions

                                                                             Attribution: Kerry O'Connor
Image: Pharos ~ The Lighthouse
Kerry O'Connor @skyloverpoetry (here)

taking the community's responsibility
not very often
accepted by others willingly
akin to being imprisoned

loneliness reduced with connections
the social media corrects the flaw
being connected enhances the bastions
long desired unlike those experienced before 

still alone but the impending dark
preceding a gap of relative calm
soothes the heart
to begin nights of dedication
(55 words)

Kerry's at Real Toads  - Art Flash 55 in December 


  1. Thank you for writing to my final Art Flash prompt, Hank. Well conceived in 55 words!

  2. Helping but never able to join in, at least the internet is good for some connection.

  3. I always dreamed of being a lighthouse keeper. It would have suited my solitary nature. But they need a person who can fix things and work machinery and that is not me. It is a life well suited to a couple though. One that gets along, lol.

  4. When you're all alone on the job, even Internet connections help.

  5. A modern avenue to fill loneliness... I have been in several lighthouses..I've always been in awe of those who were faithful to stay in them to keep light burning to lead people to safety

  6. If you are appreciated it always helps when you take on job nobody else wants. Whether it be secretary, treasurer, chairman or even humble member of committee; after a bit of time the satisfaction of doing something useful fades a bit!

  7. I love the theme of communication and your title.

  8. The lighthouse communicates in many ways... and continue to do so in the digital world

  9. times have changed and alone doesn't have to mean such desperate loneliness anymore...